This hotspot breakfast and lunch bistro is right down the street from us in Seal Beach. They serve delicious hearty breakfast as well as killer burgers. The location used to be a schoolhouse so they stuck with the theme offering homeroom (breakfast), recess (lunch), and after school specials (dinner). What I love about this place is how you can customize your order. Garden burgers can be subbed for any of their beef burgers as well as fruit for fries. They also offer egg white and egg beater omelets if you’re health conscious. This is a perfect spot for my boyfriend and I because he can order his beloved red meat and I can get something a bit healthier. So far I’ve had their garden Popeye burger, which is stuffed with spinach, blue cheese, mushrooms, and topped with fried onion strings and their Popeye omelette (I love my spinach!). Since it contains 3 eggs, I opted for 1 whole egg and 2 whites with wheat toast and fresh fruit. Their french fries are just how I like them, thin, crispy, and well-seasoned. Romain’s favorite is the Frisco burger, which is smothered with bacon and 1000 island dressing, held together with buttered sourdough bread. My dad ordered two eggs which came with homemade hash browns, 3 sausages, and toast. The portions are very generous and the food always seems to hit the spot.  I’ve also heard that the blueberry pancakes are incredible so I’ll definitely be trying those on my next visit!

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