This restaurant was absolutely fabulous. If you ever get a chance to visit Newport Beach, Ca, it is essential that you have dinner at The Cannery. This restaurant is not only a historical landmark, but it serves up some of the freshest fish I’ve ever tasted. Don’t be alarmed by the factory looking building, it actually was a cannery 90 years ago and was preserved and transformed into a top notch seafood restaurant. I ordered the “Old Man Seafood Brochette” and I practically licked my plate. The Shrimp, scallop and halibut were cooked to perfection and the risotto was creamy and delicious. There were 8 of us and everyone loved their entrees. The service was excellent and I was impressed that the waiter brought out an extra dessert to celebrate our engagement. We all shared a molten cake and cheesecake, but I’m pretty sure I ate most of both desserts. I cannot wait for another special occasion so that I have the excuse to go back!





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