Romain and I tried out this restaurant/club last week after i finished a long day of work. It was definitely a strange atmosphere for a Friday night with a really mixed crowd. Apparently it was 80’s night, but we left before the band started. The food was surprisingly good if you’re in the mood for what I would call upscale junk food. I had such a craving for fries that night and their truffle parmesan fries hit the spot. One order was probably enough for 5 + people so I had a lot left over. They reheated pretty well in the oven so I was happy I asked for a to-go box. We also ordered beef nachos and chicken lettuce wraps.  They were both pretty good. The lettuce wraps were very fresh, the chicken was a bit dry, but still tasty. The nachos were made in house and were loaded with toppings. They were pretty good as far as nachos go. These were all from the appetizer menu and were enormous portions so I suggest if you eat here don’t plan on finishing both an appetizer and entree. I’ve definitely had better sangria, but it wasn’t awful.

All in all, I would probably go here again when I’m craving greasy food, but there are a lot of restaurants in the area that I’m still eager to try first.

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